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TMJ Pain Relief From Your Chiropractor in Bloomington

Your jaw connects to your skull via the temporomandibular joint, a complex structure comprised of small bones, tendons, and muscles. Damage or injury to the TMJ joint may cause pain, joint stiffness, headaches and other symptoms indicative of TMJ syndrome. Standard treatment for TMJ disorder involves pain medication, use of dental appliances and sometimes surgery to repair TMJ damage. In many cases, these treatments provide only temporary relief from TMJ pain. If you suffer from TMJ syndrome and have yet to discover an effective treatment, your chiropractor in Bloomington recommends spinal adjustments, therapeutic massage and other chiropractic techniques to address nerve compression, poor posture and soft tissue inflammation underlying symptoms of TMJ.

TMJ pain relief from your bloomington chiropractor

Signs of TMJ Syndrome

Jaw joint pain that worsens while eating or speaking is a classic symptom of TMJ disorder. Other signs include:

  • Popping, clicking and/or grinding noises coming from your jaw joint
  • Popping in your ears
  • Earache/general ear pain
  • Sore/stiff jaw muscles
  • Temple pain
  • Temporary locking of your jaw joint
  • Back molar pain similar to a toothache
  • Facial pain
  • Dizziness
  • Blurry vision

During your first visit with your Bloomington chiropractor, you will be asked to describe your symptoms in detail and when these symptoms tend to worsen. In some cases, your chiropractor may want an imaging scan of your jaw joint to further assess the severity and cause of your TMJ.

Chiropractic Care for TMJ

If the cause of your TMJ disorder is tooth grinding (bruxism), chiropractors often provide valuable lifestyle and dietary advice to help you manage stress in healthier, more productive ways. As holistic doctors knowledgeable in whole-body health, chiropractors know how important optimal nervous system functioning is to your general well-being. Stretching exercises designed to relieve jaw joint pain, reducing stress with special breathing techniques and avoiding high-fat, high-sugar diets help many TMJ disorder patients manage stress and their symptoms.

Realigning spinal vertebrae through spinal adjustments also works well to reduce muscle tension and pain in your neck due to TMJ disorder. By eliminating nerve compression caused by spinal subluxation (vertebrae pressing against nerves), your chiropractor significantly improves communication between your body and your brain. In addition, spinal adjustments promote the ability of the body to heal itself, which not only helps treat TMJ pain but also enhances immune system functioning and your overall health. Chiropractic massage techniques applied to your facial and neck muscles also provide rapid relief for painfully tense jaw muscles, recurring headaches, and ear pain.

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If you suffer from TMJ syndrome or think you may be suffering symptoms of TMJ syndrome, please call True Health Chiropractic and Massage today at (309) 585-0704 to schedule an appointment with your Bloomington chiropractor.

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