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Our Chiropractor in Bloomington Uses dōTERRA Essential Oils During Massage Therapy

Massage therapist in Bloomington, IL using doTERRA essential oils

True Health Chiropractic & Massage believes in strengthening your body to improve your overall health. Chiropractor Dr. Justin Hillman combines spinal care services with massage therapy to enhance your wellbeing. Our massage therapist in Bloomington provides hands-on relief for muscle aches, limited flexibility, back pain, neck pain, headaches, inflammation and more. Massage therapy directly addresses concerns in your body and as the therapist kneads the muscles, circulation to the areas improves. With this circulation is a flow of nutrients to heal and restore your body to a healthy state. Massage therapy also helps to remove toxins from muscles that may be contributing to discomfort, inflammation or tightness. Our Bloomington massage therapist helps to break up scar tissue and restore your body. The dōTERRA essential oils are used throughout your therapy session and your health is further improved by the healing benefits of the oils.

DōTERRA essential oils are made from the oils of plants. These may come from parts of the plant such as the roots, leaves, bark, flowers or seeds. Essential oils naturally occur and have a history of use for beauty products, healing and overcoming injuries.

Reasons Our Bloomington Massage Therapist Uses dōTERRA Essential Oils

You have experienced the benefit of aromatherapy when you smell a rose, cut up a lemon, or suck on a peppermint. The smell of a rose instantly elevates your mood and calms your thoughts. The smell of a lemon boosts your immune system as you associate the smell of lemons with clean- they are a nice anti-viral. Peppermint can be stimulating to your mood and calming to your digestive system. These smells are a few, small examples of what essential oils do. dōTERRA essential oils are therapeutic grade and come in single oils such as cinnamon, cedar wood, eucalyptus, lime, lemon, peppermint and rosemary. We may use one of the single oils throughout your massage depending on your needs. For instance, peppermint promotes healthy breathing and reduces digestive irritations and lemon and lime elevate your mood. Other dōTERRA essential oils are combinations of oils such as the AromaTouch blend which combines oils such as cypress, grapefruit and lavender for calming and relaxing effects. dōTERRA oils can be used to help overcome side effects from a cold as they help you breathe better.

dōTERRA essential oils are used on the skin for absorption into the blood stream. They are also used as part of aromatherapy to be inhaled for immediate effects. Our massage therapist will use dōTERRA essential oils both ways to help enhance your mood, calm your mind and improve your health. dōTERRA means "Gift of the Earth" and that is how we at True Health Chiropractic & Massage view essential oils. They are a gift from nature designed to enhance your health.

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We are excited to offer dōTERRA essential oils in combination with our massage therapy. Contact us today at (309) 585-0704 to learn about the powerful effects of dōTERRA oils.

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