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Posted on 02-12-2018

Causes of Lower Back Pain From Your Bloomington Chiropractor

Man with lower back pain

Today's more sedentary lifestyles and hours logged in front of a computer can lead to poor posture and spinal misalignment that can cause or exacerbate lower back pain. The doctors at True Health Chiropractic and Massage are here to treat your pain however it originated.

Common Causes

Back pain can be caused in many different ways, from auto accidents to sports injuries, or something as simple as lifting up your child and twisting the wrong way. Many people whose professions require them to spend a lot of time in front of the computer also complain of chronic pain. If you lead a sedentary life with little to no physical activity or exercise, you may also suffer from occasional back pain or stiffness.

Typical Symptoms

If you suffer from the following symptoms, it may be time to have your back pain treated:

  • Dull and aching pain in the lower back region
  • Burning or shooting pain that travels from the lower back to the legs
  • Stiffness after sitting for an extended period of time

Diagnosis by Our Chiropractor

The chiropractors at True Health Chiropractic are trained in all of the most advanced diagnostic tools, such as CT Scans and MRIs, x-rays, and physical exam techniques. If you suffer from lower back discomfort or pain, there is no need to put off treatment any longer.

Chiropractic Evaluation and Treatment

Once you have received your diagnosis, our team will work with you to create a drug-free plan that will address your pain and begin to eliminate it and allow you to lead a pain-free life. Treatments such as TENS, massage therapy, and physical manipulations may all be part of your comprehensive treatment plan.

Our Bloomington Chiropractor is Here to Help

True Health Chiropractic is your full-service chiropractic center, and our Bloomington chiropractors are dedicated to the health needs of their Bloomington patients. If you are ready to resolve your chronic back pain, please give us a call today at (309) 585-0704 to schedule your consultation. Our office is conveniently located at 127 North Williamsburg Drive in Bloomington.

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